Crawling Into The Light

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From Rape, Heroin & Prison
to Multimillion Dollar CEO

Bestselling author, speaker and evolutionary coach Marni Spencer-Devlin triumphed over tremendous adversity – molestation, rape, drug addiction, even homelessness and prison and miraculously, went on to a twenty-year career as the founder and president of a multimillion dollar marketing company – only to be stopped in her tracks by a deadly diagnosis. This however became her greatest gift. She gained insights into the purpose for our existence, our health and wealth, which she shares with her audiences and coaching clients.


The Iceberg Principles

Marni offers this illustration of who we are as human beings in her coaching to help her clients clearly see what their next steps should be in any given situation.

Human beings are like icebergs because what shows on the surface is only the smallest part. Our body and mind make up only four percent of who we are. It is how we describes us but it is not what defines who we are. What defines – our talents, strengths and capacities – are the real reason we exist; they are what we are meant to share and express.

We gain confidence when we become aware that there is not way we could ever be inadequate. There is not another, better version of us anywhere because each of us is unique. We learn to honor ourselves when we realize that the things we desire are driven by the authentic self within. Our desires tell us who we are meant to be. It is the evolutionary impulse that has driven mankind forward, which expresses in us, through us and as us and drives us to want to be ourselves and this is the only way we can ever find true happiness and fulfillment.

This is not about rah-rah motivation; it is about knowing beyond the shadow of a doubt the Truth of who you are.

You can have anything you want – UNLESS you believe that you can’t.
What are your hidden beliefs about your health, your money or the reason you are on this earth? What you don’t know CAN hurt you.



Absolute Authenticity






When a lot is riding on
your shoulders…
Give yourself an edge.

Everyone has blind spots. We develop them in childhood continue forming opinions based on our experiences that may not always be based in fact. Blind spots cloud or judgment and can cause us to make bad decisions.

A qualified coach helps you see your blind spots so you can lead your life and your business with confidence. A qualified coach tells you what

•your partner can’t tell you….

•your best friend won’t tell you…

•your employees don’t tell you….

The secret of successful people… invest in yourself

Successful people know they have to invest in themselves to remain on top. To get to the top you must practice the habits of successful people.

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Coaching Testimonials

Working with Marni was the best decision I ever made! The investment has paid off ten-fold. My business has taken off like I rocket with Marni’s insightful counsel. I WILL NEVER STOP WORKING WITH HER.
Lisa M. / United Kingdom

I highly recommend using Marni’s coaching services. I came to Marni because I was simply unhappy and I didn’t know why. I was sick all the time and my marriage was crumbling because I was in a bad mood all the time. Marni helped me find new confidence in my abilities and myself and recently I bought my own specialized dental practice, which is going gangbusters! MARNI CHANGED MY LIFE.
Ruxundra P / California

I had heard about Marni in one of her radio interviews and decided to write her an email. At the time my business was failing, the bill collectors and I was desperate. Marni replied immediately and gave me some amazing advice that changed things immediately. I decided to invest in myself and take on Marni as a coach and today I am happy to report that my business has turned around, the bill collectors are a distant memory and I JUST BOUGHT MY WIFE A BRAND-NEW MERCEDES.
Corey W. / Ohio

When I signed up with Marni I immediately knew I had made the right decision. She never holds back. She tells it like it is and she lets me see when I am going down the wrong track. DO YOURSELF A BIG FAVOR – SIGN UP WITH MARNI!
Elly P / Melbourne, Australia

Book Testimonials

Truly Inspiring Read!
By Daphne, Sydney, Australia

“Extremely well written book that I could not put down. Such an enthralling read that you have to remind yourself is a real life story! Your heart will ache as you follow Marni on her journey from a young child in Germany to a young woman starting a new life in America, but by the end of the book you are so uplifted by Marni’s courage. She is an inspiration. One of the best memoir/autobiography books I’ve read – and I’ve read hundreds! Buy this book.”

Blown Away!
By Denise Cassino
“This book totally blew me away. From the start of her life, Marni Spencer-Devlin was undervalued which left her insecure about her looks, intellegence and capabilities. Led into a life of decadence, she experienced everything from heroin addiction to rape to prison. Then when she escaped from her hellish existence and had found success, affluence and love, her world collapsed as she learned she had the deadly hepatitis C. But did that stop her? No, she applied her mind and body totally to learning and implementing healthy programs that literally changed her life forever. Her quest led her toward understanding The Law of Attraction and with a regimen that took amazing discipline, she recovered and at the same time discovered a deep spirituality that lifted her up forever. This is one of the most compelling autobiographies I have ever read. In fact, I went back and read the last part a second time because I was so inspired by her triumph, her intelligence and her self-discipline! Brava! Bravíssima!

Fasten your seatbelt!
By Brian
“I was so excited to receive this book and it has delivered 100%! Marni’s story is amazing and is a MUST read! Great tale of triumph over tragedy. It is refreshing when you read principles that you agree with. Thanks for a great book!”